Corporate Fleet

Corporate Fleet Windshield Repair

Let Us Help You Avoid Replacing Windshields In Your Fleet!

Your corporate fleet is a vital part of your business, but each time a vehicle leaves to make a sales call, a delivery or a service visit it is at risk of windshield damage caused by rocks or flying debris on the roads. As the Fleet Manager, Operations Manager or Owner, you’re relying on the driver to treat the company’s vehicle as if it were their own and report minor windshield damage when they return. In most cases, this never happens and a minor windshield break goes unnoticed until it eventually spreads ruining the windshield and causing the business to spend hundreds of dollars on a replacement that could have been avoided.


Free Monthly Fleet Inspections By A Magic City Auto Glass Team Member At Your Location!

We’ll Partner With Your Business And Help You Avoid Unnecessary And Costly Windshield Replacements.

               We Can Repair This                                                 Before It Turns Into This


How Does It Work?

o  Magic City Auto Glass Will Come To Your Business Monthly On A Scheduled Day At No Charge

o  We’ll Inspect The Windshield Of Each Fleet Vehicle To Uncover Any Minor Rock Chips Or Breaks

o  If A Vehicle Is Found To Have Damage We Will Repair Up To Three (3) Windshield Chips Or Breaks On That Vehicle For a Low Price

o  If No Damage Is Discovered Or Repaired During Our Monthly Visit You Pay Us Nothing For The Visit.

o  We Leave And You Have A Peace Of Mind Knowing That None Of The Windshields In Your Fleet Are At Risk Of Splitting.

For More Information On The Magic City Auto Glass Fleet Program Or To Enroll Your Company Please Contact Brad Bailey (205) 671-7072 or [email protected].